Kung: Knowledge
Fu: path or Way
Toa: Faculty of the body and soul

Kung fu means the manner of knowledge. Manner of knowledge means leading mankind to perfection, reinforcing the body, evolution of mind, perception of the unknowns, mysteries of the human world and nature.

The manner of knowledge means; finding our latent powers, elevating our body and soul toward harmony with the soul of the world to accelerate this process.

Kung Fu Toa is the world of motion. Motion is the strength toward, justice of logic, absolute beauty, health, soundness of the society and motion towards the nature thoughts. This is the secret Spirituality.

All motions of the body are based on mysteries, enigmas of our cells, using the power of our DNA or nucleus of cells and atoms of our body. Mankind is the masterpiece of creation and must be searched in the boundaries of spirituality.

The Legend of Life or D-RY-MA, is the turning point and genesis of human contemption, the cleric joint with life.
Mankind has been fighting the existence since the beginning of life and to be free from the pawns of the transgressors, eh resorted to the mysteries of science in order to stay alive.

Life in Kung Fu Toa starts with the eruption of contemplation and ends with its quenching. According to this, the space between eruption and quenching is life.

Kung Fu Toa is the human mystery. Kung Fu Toa is the scream of the mind, which brings us into the boundaries of strength and knowledge. Kung Fu is the power of peace; therefore, powerful people are not aggressors. The aggressors and injustice is because of the existence.
This path is so complex that love is needed, as well as inclination, confidence, sacrifice and awareness about the objective, being responsible and commitment to humanity to pass through it.

You need all of these capabilities because this is the fight of eligibility, and in the fight for knowing ourselves we have to pass through the darkness of time to find who we really are.

Kung Fu Toa is a way of live and independent of all others, which needs complete confidence, as well as inclination. Kung Fu Toa is the balance of Mind and Body (Shahin)

“The Mighty Sage”